As a bride, there are no take-backs, returns, or exchanges on your experience. It is what you create it to be. The hours of dreaming turn into days of planning, the weeks snowball into months and ready or not, the obscure date you picked on the calendar is HERE. And that date has become your wedding day. You. Are. A. Bride. You see, my (then) fiancé and I thought we were well equipped for the job. We are heavily detailed, highly-organized individuals. We had a thorough day-of timeline, a communication plan, and a spreadsheet from google dedicated to documenting any possible wedding detail. 
Then, we met with Cat. With her thorough eyes and a mind that stitches details together, Cat had plenty of questions for us. Where will the decorations be during the ceremony? Who is going to bring your grandparents to the arbor for the photograph? Are guests allowed to see you before the wedding? Where do you want the bridal party to be at this moment? Who is responsible for taking home leftover food? Have you thought about making a checklist of wedding items and their “final home” to direct tear-down? We were amazed. And oh so thankful. You see, Cat did not make us feel incompetent (though we realized we were). She was gracious, patient, and insightful. She kindly pushed us in the right direction. 
Cat also sought to protect our “moments”. She gave me the idea to have a first look with my dad. She whisked my fiancé and I away for post-ceremony photos. She kept the bridal suit door sealed from unwanted intruders. She protected our parents from getting swept up in the chaos, and allowed them to mingle with the guests. Her sweetest words to me were “I want you to float”, and so she kept me from worrying about the time. 
Though we only discussed Cat being our “day-of coordinator”, Cat was not afraid to get her hands dirty in the planning process. One morning I woke up to a nearly completed checklist of items. I thought my fiancé had gotten a spark of organization — but no, my lovely coordinator stayed up late to lighten my workload. 
My fiancé and I had decided to host both our ceremony and reception in the same location. While convenient for guests, this placed a much heavier load on our coordinator, bridal party, and design team. Cat took on this burden with sacrificial grace and ease. The phrase “Don’t worry, I’ve got it” was such a gift to my heart. Cat met with us late one night to review the table settings, and document precisely how we wanted everything set. She even measured the distance from the napkin edges to the plates! She then independently met with a few ladies I had asked to be my “decor assistants” to train them on wedding details. I was planning on doing this myself, and without my knowledge or prompting, she had already taken care of it. After the rehearsal (which she led seamlessly), she held a “flip meeting” to review responsibilities with each member of the party to ensure a smooth process.  
On behalf of the bride and groom, I can only say it was flawless. We were whisked away post-ceremony, and returned to the reception of our dreams. It was truly more magical than we had even hoped. 
I cannot even count the amount of hours Cat put into serving us. She drove two hours with us to the venue to spend a day asking questions, and helping us block each step of the event. She worked tirelessly on the rehearsal day, helping with set-up, touching base with all of our vendors, and running personal errands on our behalf. On the wedding day, she got there first and left last, serving us above and beyond what we had asked or could pay. 
It is with the highest regard that I recommend The Cat Barber Experience for your coordinating needs. I have not met a soul more hospitable, a face more radiant at the thought of weddings, nor hands more willing to serve. Cat Barber, we are the most thankful for you.