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My husband Paul and I are high school sweethearts married since July of 2014. We loved living in Huntsville during our newly-wed years, Indianapolis for a super sweet season, and now back in Birmingham with our two daughters. Wedding coordinating & planning became a passion for me over time as I loved taking care of my best friends on their wedding days. It is such a joy for me to serve couples, their friends and their families. 

I love the moments on a wedding day. It's the tears of your best friends and maids of honor, the photo of your grandmother walking down the aisle, the moment you show your grandfather you’re wearing the bracelet they gave you from graduation, the rush of excitement of the bridesmaids when it’s time to line up for the ceremony, the eager anticipation of the guests first glimpse of the bride, the groom’s face when he locks eyes with his bride for the first time, the flower girl peeking at the couple during the prayer & giggling every time the couple kisses, the moment of celebration when the bride and groom walk up the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife, when your bridesmaid wipes lipstick off your teeth, when your bridesmaids pick pine straw out of your dress from pictures before the ceremony, the laughter during the groom and mother of the groom’s first dance because they didn’t practice, the friends catching glances at your new rings, the bridesmaid who knows she’s next, the prayer in the brides room before the ceremony, the spark in the couple's eyes as they speak to each special person at the reception.

I will help get make up out of your wedding day pjs, hold your umbrella and dress train if it rains, make sure the special cookies your mom baked get replenished at the dessert bar, adjust the timeline when a vendor is running late, fix your bridesmaid’s torn dress, ensure your mom doesn’t miss you cut the cake, escort grandma to her transportation and help you surprise everyone with a second dress. It excites me to come along side my brides moment by moment as their biggest cheerleader and advocate on their first day of marriage.

My heart is for you to let me handle the details while you focus on your marriage and the "why" behind the day. I pray that you know your union in marriage is a reflection of how God loves the church. Ultimately, I pray that you seek His perfect example of abundant love and gift of eternal salvation that He offers us. It’s the “why” and the moments with your loved ones throughout the day that combine altogether to make it so special. I'd be honored to be a part!